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Mobile Marketing

Sales Selling Commerce mockup on a laptop
Apr 07 2016

3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Hit Social Media Hard With Paid Ads Paid social ads have the power to create instant brand awareness, and drive a host of users ready to spend directly to your website. While anyone can start a paid ad campaign, very few can do it effectively. A successful paid ad campaign requires expert knowledge of your business and what each social media network has to offer. Only a good digital marketing agency can put this information together.   To increase engagement, they can help you run Instagram and Snapchat accounts. If your customers are...

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Cloud computing and multiplatform concept user interface on laptop tablet and smartphone female hands touching an icon
Mar 23 2016

7 Digital Marketing Predictions To Use To Your Advantage

Digital marketing is continuously evolving along with the technology around it. As social media, smartphones and video content dominate advertising, marketing trends are becoming more sophisticated to align with this. With all of these different channels, marketers need to be aware of all the different avenues where they can showcase their products and services. With that in mind, here are some marketing predictions that can be used by savvy marketers, brand manager and business owners to increase to drive engagement and ultimately increase their revenue. Content Marketing Content marketing is...

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cluttered dsek with mouse and keyboard
Mar 02 2016

Why “Pinnable” Content is Crucial to Increasing Traffic

When people think of social media sites, the first sites to come to mind will almost always be Facebook and Twitter, and rightly so: these sites take up the number one and number two spots of the most popular social networks, respectively. For this reason, digital marketing tends to focus on these two behemoths of social networking. But did you know that Pinterest’s estimated 250 million visitors aren’t that far behind Twitter’s 310 million? For a business with the right niche, Pinterest can be a godsend. While Facebook...

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man working on building website
Feb 23 2016

The Must-Know Web Design Tips to Build Patient Loyalty

For many people, your website will be the chance to make a great first impression, as well as, their preferred method for engaging with you regarding their health, once they become your patients. While a website re-design only seems like an aesthetic change, it can actually be a powerful tool for improving patient loyalty. Here are the key components to having a successful website: Responsive Design Your patients have a wide variety of internet-enabled devices, and a variety of browsers they use to view your website. If your website isn’t available on one...

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Apr 30 2015

Mobile Madness: Creating A Mobile Friendly Landing Page On a Budget

Creating a Mobile Friendly Landing Page on a Budget   Intact Info has the latest dish from Google about going mobile and recently, we have uncovered some inconsistencies in their testing for mobile issues. If you are using the Mobile-Friendly Test that Google is promoting, know that the tool is unable to crawl a website to the level of detail that Webmaster Tools is set to do. The Mobile-Friendly Test can only test the mobile site as a user would see it. Meaning, if your home page is within guidelines, you will...

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Apr 22 2015

“Mobilegeddon”, The End of Ignoring Mobile Users

They Call It "Mobilegeddon"   The New Mobile Friendly Website Guidelines Mobilegeddon is a world (wide web) epidemic of traffic and rankings falling as a result of the newest Google mobile website guidelines. For the past few years, analysts, website owners and webmasters like us at Intact Info have complained that Google was too vague in their descriptions of what they wanted and how their updates would affect websites. With the latest Google update addressing mobile users, dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by SEO communities, webmasters have received updates telling them exactly which pages of their...

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Apr 15 2015

A Simple Guide to Becoming Mobile Friendly (and Google Friendly!)

You already know that to compete in today’s digital marketplace, you need your website to be accessible not only through desktop computers, but smartphones as well. Recently, Google has announced something BIG: if your website is not mobile friendly to the revised guidelines by April 21, 2015 you will notice a significant drop in search result rankings. That Google has decided to enforce mobile friendliness is something new, so today, I’d like to present you with the two best options to help your business go mobile.   Option 1: Mobile Website   A mobile...

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Feb 06 2015

The Value of Mobile-Responsive Websites

What is the Value of a Mobile Responsive Site? Take a moment and observe people in a public place. You will be surprised by how many Americans walk, talk, and eat as they browse the web on their smartphone. We have become a nation largely dependent on our smartphones; as of now, 67% of Americans own a mobile device and that number continues to grow year after year. So why are so many businesses neglecting the value of a mobile responsive site? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should...

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Oct 31 2014

The Need to Embrace Mobile

By the end of 2014, mobile search volume will exceed desktop search volume. We are entering into the new era of mobile marketing, and those who embrace this change will set themselves up for success in the future.   According to comScore, 53% of the time spent on the web comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition, Google reports that 80% of smartphone users research purchase decisions on their phones and 94% search for local information. Mobile is the future and this is even truer for local businesses whose customers...

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