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Email Marketing

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Apr 07 2016

3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Hit Social Media Hard With Paid Ads Paid social ads have the power to create instant brand awareness, and drive a host of users ready to spend directly to your website. While anyone can start a paid ad campaign, very few can do it effectively. A successful paid ad campaign requires expert knowledge of your business and what each social media network has to offer. Only a good digital marketing agency can put this information together.   To increase engagement, they can help you run Instagram and Snapchat accounts. If your customers are...

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Jun 05 2015

Key Components of a Successful Email Marketing Program

Is Email Marketing Right for Your Company?   With so many digital marketing tools available today, the most direct and cost effective method continues to be Email Marketing. Flexible and responsive, communicating with your customers and prospects via email allows your company to target your message to meet your customers’ specific needs, build rapport and gain insight into what content and images work best.   When creating an effective strategy, it’s important to consider where your customer is in the ongoing sales process. Would you send a “Welcome to Our Company” email to a...

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Jan 30 2015

Our Top 10 Strategies to Help Get Local Business

What are the Best Strategies to Get Local Business?   By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Google has recently changed the way it lays out its search results. In many searches, it’s not surprising to see a rectangular map that shows up at the top right corner filled with red dots, as well as the corresponding local listings that show up alphabetically from A to G. “Local” is the new buzzword, and we at Intact Info have compiled the top 10 strategies to help get local business in your area.   Strategies to...

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Dec 12 2014

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead

It’s easy to forget and push email marketing aside when you have so many social media channels readily available at your fingertips. I’ll let you in on a little secret in growing your business: it’s all about building relationships with your customers! Social media is not the only method to reach out to customers. Email marketing is still a valuable tool that many businesses are not utilizing to its full potential. Email services have been here before social media and guess what? It’s not going anywhere.   Small businesses come to us...

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