5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead
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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead


5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is NOT Dead

It’s easy to forget and push email marketing aside when you have so many social media channels readily available at your fingertips. I’ll let you in on a little secret in growing your business: it’s all about building relationships with your customers! Social media is not the only method to reach out to customers. Email marketing is still a valuable tool that many businesses are not utilizing to its full potential. Email services have been here before social media and guess what? It’s not going anywhere.


Small businesses come to us all the time without having any ideas about email marketing and the beneficial relationships that it sparks with customers. If you are a business owner, you are not the only one who desires a taste of our perspective in helping you build your business. In some cases, email marketing gets tossed out the window and all the hype of social media, SEO and reputation management takes the reins. However, in case you have yet to find out, email marketing plays a vital for businesses now, more than ever.


Where is Email Taking Us?

Email is here to stay, and it is especially important as consumers connect with recognizable corporations such as Nike or Apple. Email is always growing. According to the Radicati Group, Inc. report, the total number of worldwide email accounts of 3.3 billion from 2012 is expected to increase to more than 4.3 billion accounts at the end of 2016! It may reach that mark even sooner.


With millions of smartphones, tablets, and laptops connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, it is not uncommon for people to check their emails several times a day (I know I am not the only one!). So it is vital for a business owner or marketer to be where their customers are, and one of these areas is the customer’s inbox.


Email Marketing Targets Your Customers

The amazing part about email marketing is that you can easily target your desired customer by creating filters and targeting those who enjoy hearing from you! Email marketing allows you to target any demographic, including interests, behavior, and age to better tailor your messages and reach those who will benefit from your business.


Personalized Messages Get Your Point Across

Personalized messages are equally as important as target marketing, which is why they go hand-in-hand in your marketing campaign. You can take the data and information you gathered from your customers and customize personal messages to every customer on your mailing list. Why? It resonates with your customer knowing that you have delivered one of the most challenging aspects in marketing today – relevant content. By using this tool of email segmentation, you can categorize your email list into smaller groups and send your personal messages for a larger return.


You Learn What Your Consumers Want

This is probably one of the tactics that marketers forget to bring to your attention, but email marketing helps you understand what types of products, services, and content your customers actually want:


  • Take doctors for instance, if you are a health and weight loss physician and send an email to your subscribers about a line of new vitamins and weight loss formulas, and find out later that the link for weight loss received all the clicks, it is easy to see that your subscribers are interested in the weight loss formula over the new vitamins.

This not only helps the physician with their email marketing campaign by suggesting to only submit weight loss products to its subscribers for the next few months, but it may also help the physician make important decisions about what products to push in the following sales quarter. This is very powerful, if I do say so myself!


Email Marketing is Trackable and Measurable

Our email marketing team helps you track the results of your efforts in real time, which provides you with instant feedback about your success. Thus, you can respond accordingly to developments as they unfold while your campaign is in progress. With every email, we can track whether:


  • The email was received successfully.
  • The email was opened and read.
  • The subscriber went the extra mile to connect to your site.

In the end, you can use these records to help you learn which works best for your business, apply it to future campaigns, and gain a higher success rate.


Build Strong Customer Loyalty

We know that the hardest and most important step in the consumer cycle is to convert leads into customers. But it doesn’t stop there. Turning a first-time buyer into a lifelong customer is a vital component that all businesses want to achieve – and it is our goal to help you get there. More often than not, businesses become too wrapped up with gaining new customers and forget about their loyal ones. Time, willingness, and effort are the pieces that build a loyal foundation from customers. One of the most effective aspects marketers use to build loyalty is through email marketing.


Building loyalty does not happen overnight, but by using email marketing, business owners and marketers today can feel more confident to reach this goal.


Want to build a successful email marketing campaign for your business? We can help. Contact our email marketing experts and get your free quote at 1-888-986-7736.

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