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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has completely revolutionized the way businesses today advertise their brand and products and form relationships with consumers. While just about everyone has at least heard of networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, some business owners are still doubtful of the impact they might have on their business.

Smartphone users have risen so dramatically in the past decade, users are more prone to ignore traditional forms of advertising such as commercials and ads. In fact, today’s consumer have more control over what content they are exposed to than ever before..

With traditional advertising becoming less and less effective with today’s younger generation, social media marketing has become one of the most powerful ways for businesses to promote their brand or product because it allows them to build relationships with their customers.

Social Media Growth

66% of all millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook

Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes

Twitter currently has 316 million monthly active users

Instagram now has over 300 million members who share more than 70 million photos and videos every day

Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach

Why Social Media?

“It’s really important to remember marketing fundamentals when implementing your social media strategy. Intact Info implements the social media tools and platforms that best meet your company’s defined business objectives.”

-Leslee Detillo, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing


Cost Effective Method Growing Your Brand

Introducing a product or brand to the world via social media is a great way to attract new customers and ignite a fire that can spread virally through sharing networks. Peer recommendations, unboxing videos and social shopping largely influence your customer’s buying decisions.


Build Customer Base & Loyalty

Social media is a great way to target your audience and build customer loyalty. Regularly updating your social media platforms with interesting post, and engaging content creates a strong relationship with your followers, strengthens your customer service, and provides you with valuable insight into your target audience.


Establish Your Business as an Industry Expert

Want to be the “GoTo” expert in your industry? Our social media team bolsters your marketing efforts with original content and social media posts designed to tell your story to your clients and prospective customers as you would if you could have a personal, face to face conversation.


Pinpoint Targeting Accuracy for Social Advertising

Google has traditionally been the most popular advertising platform but Facebook is a close second for targeting and site visits. From Promoted Pins on Pinterest to Facebook Advertising and Twitter Parties, digital advertising has grown and is quickly becoming a must do. Work with Intact Info to find the best fit for your digital advertising dollar.


Boost Search Engine Rankings

With recent Google updates, the value of social signals matters even more. In fact, 31% of all referral traffic on the internet now comes from social media. While technical SEO is still crucial, having strong brand awareness through your social networks has become equally important.

Create a buzz around your brand.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Increase brand awareness

Increase customers and revenue

Build relationships with your customers

Boost SEO rankings

Gain market research

Social Media Marketing Statistics

92% of consumers trust word of mouth more than advertising

74% of millennials rely on social networks to guide purchases

77% of consumers interact with brands they love on Facebook

43% of consumers follow the businesses they trust on social media

Social Media Marketing FAQs
Why does my business need a social media presence?

According to Forbes, social media sites currently generate 31% of all referral traffic, reaching an equal level with traditional search referral traffic. Social referral traffic has become a critical component of SEO, and without it, your company’s rankings will eventually begin to falter as your competitors keep up with current digital trends.

Do customers really make buying decisions based upon social media?

Millennials trust user generated content and word of mouth more than traditional advertising, and 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchases. Online customer reviews on social media platforms are driving sales more than ever before.

I’m a B2B business. How does social media help me grow?

For many businesses, it’s hard to believe social media can create an impact for your business. However, the amazing part about social media marketing is that it has grown beyond cat pictures. There’s a social media platform for all types of industries, including B2B. In the next 5 years, B2B product companies are projected to spend 18% of the marketing budget on social media while B2B services companies will spend 25%.

What do I post and what social media platforms are best for my industry?

This is where our Social Media Management team comes in. We create an effective social media strategy based on your industry, goals, and competitors and handle everything from writing and monthly posting calendars. We customize posting to engage with your followers and continue to adjust your strategy based on quantifiable data.

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