SEO and Marketing: Increasing Traffic AND Conversion Rates
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SEO and Marketing


SEO and Marketing

How to Increase Traffic AND Conversion Rates


Search engine optimization (SEO) has traditionally been able to improve your site’s traffic, performance, and ultimately achieve high organic traffic all on its own. Now in 2015, although still incredibly important, SEO is only one component of what is available and necessary in the online marketing world. In order to maximize your online efforts, you will need both SEO and marketing to beat out your competition.


Although different, marketing and SEO ultimately work simultaneously to achieve the same end goals. Understanding the advantages of each cross-channel will not only enhance your online strategy but also produce a noticeable difference in converting visitors to leads. One is not stronger than the other, but together, they become a lethal combination.


As the Content Marketing Institute states, “Think of SEO this way: If a customer-focused content marketing program is the sandwich, then SEO is the mayonnaise. It touches nearly everything and enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich, but on its own, it’s not very appetizing.”


SEO Increases Exposure, Marketing Brings Leads


Links are vital for your SEO efforts but now, it’s more about quality than quantity, and getting high quality links to your site can be difficult to earn. SEO is crucial for increasing the exposure of your website to your targeted audience, but it doesn’t end there.


There’s no point in getting tons of traffic if no one converts into customers.


Marketing enhances your search engine optimization in several ways. For one, social signals, email marketing, and paid search create valuable, natural, and high quality links that are needed to boost organic rankings. More importantly, good marketing will have a strategy behind every effort, with the key goal of converting your prospects into customers. Together, marketing and SEO work synergistically to create an attract-and-convert machine for your business.


SEO Content vs. Marketing Content


Traditionally, SEO is rooted in providing the right keywords and variations in the right context in order to reach the right user organically. On the other hand, marketing content focuses on attention grabbing titles and headers, informative call-to-actions, and images that leave a lasting impression for users in order to convert  your prospects into customers.


Over the last few years, however, Google has made a big shift toward’s user experience in determining rankings. Even if you have all the right keywords in the right places, you may not be getting rankings if your content doesn’t speak the same language as your users. However, adding marketing content to your website that is SEO-friendly not only speaks their language (so you can be found), but also provides the positive experience that turns users into customers.


Individually, SEO and marketing are strong practices, but when both strategies are applied to one piece of content, you have now maximized your efforts. Not only are you reaching the right customers at the right time, but you are also improving your chances of converting them into customers through your marketing efforts.


How Pay-Per-Click Boosts Your SEO


Many companies utilize pay-per-click campaigns to increase their brand exposure and generate leads. This is a great way to also bring more traffic to your website. Although Google denies that there is a direct correlation between ad spend and organic search rankings, executing a pay-per-click campaign will indirectly boost your SEO because you are exposing more and more people to your brand. This only increases the chances that visitors who have seen your ad will remember your company and revisit your website.


In this way, marketing has the ability to help your SEO, especially if you run a business in a competitive space. By utilizing marketing channels such as pay-per-click while optimizing your SEO, you can be sure that you are reaching more of your targeted audience. Just be sure that you are targeting similar keywords so that both your marketing and SEO efforts will help one another.


Why Choose an Integrated Marketing Company?


When SEO and marketing work together, you combine both strategies with strong keywords, great content, and captivating images. SEO efforts can get you traffic, but combined with marketing, you can actually convert the web traffic you’ve worked so hard to earn. Together, these two components accomplish much more and improve your bottom line.


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